Bitcoin and Ether make up „only“ 44% of the assets in DeFi projects

Although the share of ETH and BTC in DeFi projects has recently grown significantly, the two top coins still make up less than half of the TVL.

With the ongoing hype surrounding Decentralized Financial Services ( DeFi ), the sector has risen to nearly $ 4 billion in invested assets in the form of Bitcoin ( BTC ) and Ether ( ETH ) in less than five months .

According to DeFi Pulse crypto market researchers , the amount of ether invested in DeFi projects has increased by 218.5% since June, a jump from 2.7 million ETH to 8.6 million ETH

The amount of Bitcoin Era invested has meanwhile even shot up by more than 3,000%, so this number was still 5,000 BTC in the middle of the year and is now at 158,800 BTC.

On October 14th, the CoinList crypto exchange set a new record for the largest tokenization of Bitcoin by a single company. Using the Wrapped Bitcoin protocol, CoinList transferred 4,997 WBTC, equivalent to an equivalent of 57.1 million US dollars, to the Ethereum network.

The total value of ethers invested in DeFi is $ 3.24 billion, which is 7.6% of Ethereum’s market capitalization.

The 1.81 billion BTC that are in turn invested in DeFi projects amount to 0.85% of Bitcoin’s market capitalization

Despite the large amounts of BTC and ETH that are now invested in the DeFi area, the two market-leading cryptocurrencies still make up less than half of the total „Total Value Locked“, the measure of the total amount of invested assets. So they add up to 44.6%, which corresponds to 11.33 billion US dollars.

However, DeFi Pulse does not disclose how large the shares of other cryptocurrencies, including SNX, COMP and DAI, are in the TVL of the DeFi sector.